Why switch to Farm Strong feeds?

organic chicken feed

If you're already feeding a Certified Organic feed, you may ask yourself "why switch?" That's the very question we asked ourselves that led to creating these feeds, so we're happy to walk you through it.

- Quality: We see benefits in our feeds compared to that of competitor brands. In pelleted and crumbled feeds, we see a lack of palatability and steam-treated ingredients. Chemically-treated water is used for the steam processing that creates pellets and crumbles, and that's off putting for our preferences toward natural options. Plus, it negatively impacts the environment.

- Effort: When it comes to resources, time is as important as any. Spending time preparing chicken feed is not an area we want to dedicate that valuable resource. Some whole grain diets require mixing from the bottom to keep the protein source and micronutrients incorporated. Stemming from years of experience in making animal feeds, we developed a precise and efficient mixing technology that keeps ingredients well incorporated. No need to scoop from the bottom or ferment to get that protein distributed. Fermentation does work with our feed - I personally have tried it several times to ensure dedicated fermentation lovers will find success. But, it's not necessary. On the freezing days of winter, we can rest assured our feed won't freeze. You won't even have to go out to the coop unless you want to throw your flock some scratch. Their feeder full of mash will be unfrozen, ready to eat no matter the weather or the amount of time you have to put into it.

- Organic Natural Nutritional Yeast Fermentation Products: That's a mouthful. Think balanced immune system support, healthier intestinal microbiome and positive effects on intestinal structure. A well balanced immune system has been shown to correlate to egg production, egg quality, food safety and overall health and wellness of the flock. If your flock is in your backyard, food safety may mean a whole lot more to you. Think of the tiny hands that you send out to collect those eggs each day. Or those chicken kisses nobody sees you sneak - not that we know anything about that...

- Vegetarian: Your chickens may eat anything (see loads of memes that prove this) but what do you WANT them to eat when you think of the eggs you'll be eating. The idea of our chickens eating vegetarian diets aligns with our desire for home grown and natural eggs. In creating our diets, animal protein-free was critical.

Big picture: When you purchase a bag of Farm Strong Feed's mashes, you can trust that it will stay well mixed, stable no matter the weather and provide the best quality your flock needs. You can trust that every ingredient is certified organic, and the ingredients were handled in a mill we built with our own hands to ensure organic handling is present every step of the way. And you can rest assured the feed will align in every way with natural, environmentally-friendly and organic values.

In each bag, you'll find a well incorporated, stable blend of non-oily ingredients. Those ingredients were ground to optimize digestion and create uniform size to reduce picky hens leaving important ingredients out. The ground ingredients were then mixed in a sequence that ensures they stay well incorporated over time, in the bag and the feeder. Try a bag and see the difference for yourself.

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