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Updated: Jul 6, 2019

organic chicken feed

In business, the goal is to get what you're offering into the hands of those who need it. In the business of animal feed, how to do that is challenging. Everyone I know imagines our goal is to grace the shelves of the big box stores where oodles of feed comes and goes. They're then surprised to learn that's not our goal at all. Our fundamental goal is to get the feed we make into the hands of people who are probably a lot like us - chicken loving and health conscious people who want to make good choices.

Those choices often involve the planet, our health, kindness towards the animals we keep and how to finance it all. We want to get our feed into the hands of those people. And we believe there are enough of those people locally to meet our goals. So while we offer to ship online, we do so out of necessity in today's internet-minded status quo. Outside of social media, we can barely wave from afar at those much loved but distant customers. Our local and surrounding customers allow for a level of interaction that is much more fulfilling! By getting to meet and hear from local customers and independent feed store staff, we learn what customers really want on the shelf. We learn what's on their minds and get opportunities to help, either through information sharing, networking, or just feeding their flock well.

And from this desire to get our products into their hands, the concept of drop point delivery and local pick up became attractive. As we built our mill, months of waiting for production capacity to develop led to lots of consumer interactions online. A BIG message we heard is that access to organic options is limited. Many consumers can't find organic feeds in their local feed stores, and that was especially true for unprocessed options. Online sales became the only option for some.

How frustrating, to know a good portion of the price paid online was for shipping costs alone. So we became very interested in ways to help those who wanted our feed but can't easily find it. Nearby, we are open to all local pick up requests and price accordingly. Big savings is possible through this method, which means more birds get fed organic. Win:win!

Drop point sales occur when we are able to ship a large amount of feed to an interested but distant consumer, who then acts as a local pick up for their area. We are able to get more fairly priced feed to interested consumers regardless of location, and provide perks for the local distributor.

Plus, we have a lot of heart for the independent feed store. The stores we've gone in and out of countless times, and learned so much from. Similar to bookstores, in my heart, the local feed store is as much a community center as the library or coffee shop. Supporting our local feed stores will always be a primary goal, so we take great care to ensure no drop point locations conflict with stores we partner with.

Through this intentional approach, we hope to achieve our primary goal: getting our feed into your hands, while also supporting those who have always held our hands.

If you‘d like to learn more about drop point locations and how to become one, contact us through our website or email

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