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Updated: May 19, 2019

Family and chickens, Homestead
Real life: pajamas and a few of our hens

To say we love our animals is an understatement. Farm Strong Feed Company is the brain child of two women who share a passion for giving their animals their best lives, while also safe guarding our own health and protecting the environment.

Knowing what you want but not being able to find it available is a frustration we've all felt. Especially those who prioritize health, environment, and quality. In this world of fast profit, fast fashion and fast food, our priorities as health-minded women were not reflected in many marketplaces. This was evident in the feed stores. Locally, we had one solid organic option for our chickens and goats. And while we respect that brand to this day, we were frustrated that a majority of the protein was delivered in a substrate unnatural to chickens that created an odor we didn't love when handling the feed. Plus, there was extra work needed to keep the essential vitamins and minerals (the fines) incorporated.

With backgrounds in animal nutrition and veterinary medicine, and an experienced former employee of a corporate organic feed company, we set out to create what we couldn't find on the store shelves. We sought to provide the best nutrition and solve the problems we face in our flocks:

- An organic, non-GMO balanced and palatable feed for various life stages.

- No fuss feeding: minerals and vitamins, aka "the fines", stay incorporated and do not require additional preparation. Ferment... or don't! Either way!

- Intentional protein delivery to keep nitrogenous waste down and odor to a minimum.

- Optimizing gut health knowing a robust GI flora can minimize fecal pathogens, increasing food safety.

- Offering soy-free and corn-free options to provide choice.

The final result is so much more than chicken feed - it's the culmination of hours of thought, planning, science and chicken love packed in a feed bag that wears our logo: the Rainbow Roo painted by one of our founders, capturing the passion we put into this company and each of our products. We hope you join us to learn more about how we can all be seeking and doing better, for our chickens, for ourselves and for our world.

Rainbow Rooster, Chicken Art
The original Rainbow Roo, made by Megan

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